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African Briefs

Africa Brief                                                                            13 November 2015

Questions asked of Zim   

by Cees Bruggemans                         words 500

If you could pose a few serious questions to Zim policymakers, what would they be? I reached out to a few friends (who will stay incognito, but acknowledged nonetheless – my appreciation for responding so quickly). What follows was their top-of-mind (with most of it subsequently backed up by an article by Mike Cohen this past week):

Africa Brief                                                                               8 November 2015

Laconic, Lacunose, Lunatic Debate   8/11

by Cees Bruggemans                        words 650

Class, meeting, gathering will now come to order. We are here together to debate the state of the nation. In order to do so transparently, we need to apply some truth serum first. Art thou ready?

First of all, regarding those here gathered together, what is their origin? Which ideas do they profess to follow?

Africa Brief                                                                               1 November 2015

A Strategic Mistake?   

by Cees Bruggemans                         words 1580

Outsiders have little right to judge strategic decisions made by insiders who, having the inside track, do all the political running. But for what it is worth, an outsider opinion from distant sidelines may offer considerations which when weighed, might be worth taking into account (just don't say it aloud?).

The issue up for discussion isn't a small matter: whether SA should adhere to its inherited rule-of-law, a western concept guiding personal and property rights; or whether such rule should be ignored, in favour of something much more strong-armed?

Africa Brief                                                                               25 October 2015

The Confusion of Transition   

by Cees Bruggemans                         words 1800

The past week’s October Student Revolt (it is better to be precise, there may be future editions) is intriguing for its many windows on multi-faceted problems, whose agendas have suddenly been greatly accelerated.

What can we learn from these events and possibly project from them?

Africa Brief                                                                             18 October 2015

The Zuma era Reinterpreted   

by Cees Bruggemans  and Prof Willie Esterhuyse                       words 1650

In our never-ending quest to understand our times and be better prepared for what might still be coming, if at all feasible (forewarned being forearmed?), we sometimes have to dig deep.

Africa Brief                                                                               4 October 2015

The Age of Renewal    

by Cees Bruggemans  and Prof Willie Esterhuyse                       words 1950

Distinct eras, marked by clearly typifying characteristics, tend to be known by a descriptive word or phrase. In SA, the era since 1652 is known by the moniker ‘colonialism’. In 1806 an extra twist was given by yet more new entrants from distant parts, injecting the presence of ‘imperialism’. After 1948 it became in stages (exclusive) apartheid. In 1994 arrived (inclusive) Rainbow democracy.

Africa Brief                                                                           20 September 2015

Our maturing political scrum?  

by Cees Bruggemans                                words 2300

Why waste a good crisis? The government’s 9-point plan is slowly coming into focus, but possibly not in ways fully envisaged. Something to watch closely.

Africa Brief                                                                              6 September 2015

Prophetic Words     

by Cees Bruggemans                         words 1130

It is ten years since F. Van Zyl Slabbert wrote these arresting words (2005), the country at the time already over ten years into the Mbeki stewardship, by then supposedly only in what at the time appreared to be mere foothills of a sustained 5.5% GDP growth spurt that uproariously would go on & on & on.

It was not to be.

Africa Brief                                                                               23 August 2015

A Certain Restlessness   

by Cees Bruggemans and Prof Willie Esterhuyse                       words 1100

Things in SA have progressed to a point where some may feel things are fine, but others are increasingly experiencing or showing a certain restlessness. About the state of things & where we might be heading.

Africa Brief                                                                                  26 July 2015

The Sum of Paralysing Fears   

by Cees Bruggemans  and Prof Willie Esterhuyse                       words 1650

Blessed are the innocent, for they don't know fear. But to know life is to often encounter the seamier side of things, threatening our existence, inviting anxiety about what could go wrong, possibly far too easily, with no comebacks…

Does this matter to our national life?

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